APENZ Code of Ethics:

This Code of Ethics serves as a guidance policy for ethical working compliance for all APENZ students, teachers and studios.  Strict adherence is required by all APENZ students and teachers.

As an APENZ student / teacher, I understand and agree to apply the APENZ Code of Ethics as my working guidelines for ethical practice in compliance with the following;

I will :
· Ensure my/our compliance with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements including but not limited to the Acts for: Privacy, Occupational Health and Safety, Anti-
Discrimination, Sexual Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, Child Protection and Trade Practices.
• •
· Apply self-mastery where ever and whenever possible to understand fully the principals of the Pilates Method.

· Continue to broaden my knowledge and understanding of anatomy and movement and to instruct in a safe and responsible manner.
· Adhere to client ratios once I commence solo teaching.

· Ensure I hold valid, relevant qualifications and maintain currency of these qualifications through consistent use, continuing education and industry membership.
· Ensure I work within my scope of practice as is granted by the qualifications I hold and not outside of that.

· Work with integrity, respect, fairness, responsibility and professionalism at all times.

I understand and agree that I will apply these ethics to my work practice in accordance with the APENZ Code of Practice.



To work within the scope of my training:

As a basic student level, I will not teach professionally inside or outside the certifying Pilates studio.
As an intermediate level apprentice, I may teach healthy and low risk clientele in a private session or teach a mat class to the maximum of 4 under the guidance of a certified Pilates Instructor.
As an advanced level apprentice, I may include clients with moderate risk injuries or conditions relevant to the level and scope of my training.

As an advanced apprentice I will adhere to instructor ratios of: 
- a maximum of 4:1 ratio in a studio setting; 
- a maximum of 6:1 in a mat class under the supervision of an approved certified instructor

I will work within an allied health network, limit any advice to the Pilates Method, and refer clients to other health professionals when their condition is outside the scope of practice of a Pilates apprentice / instructor.

I will discontinue training a client who has a condition, injury or symptoms beyond the scope of practice and experience of the level of my apprenticeship.

I will appropriately screen and induct clients, record and track client information and progress, and write reports as required and share with my supervising certified instructor.

I will behave in a professional, courteous and appropriate manner at all times. 

I will maintain the highest levels of safety in practice and instruction of the Pilates Method. 
I will abide by the relevant legislation, including but not limited to the regulation of:

- privacy; 
- anti-discrimination; 
- trade practices and fair trading; 
- health professional practice; 
- occupational health and safety; 
- child protection;

I will promote and maintain a respectful working environment. 

I will consistently practice, teach and practice the Pilates Method.

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