APENZ Bridging Program

The APENZ Bridging Program

The APENZ teacher training program recognise and welcomes people certified through other reputable Pilates organisations who have undertaken full comprehensive training and wish to get certification in the classical method with Authentic Pilates Education. The APENZ bridging candidates will attend the basic, intermediate and advanced workshops. Bridging candidates will need 300hrs before completing the advanced exam.

NB: Where the assessment determines the candidate requires more than 300 apprenticeship hours, they will need to apply for full certification.

Exams are administered upon completion of each phase. Certification is only issued once the apprentice has attended all three system workshops, completed the apprenticeship hours required and passed all exams, practical and written.

Levels of Exams for the Bridging course:

  • 50 hours-practical, basic question and answer and anatomy questionnaire
  • 150 hours-practical, intermediate question and answer, case study and anatomy questionnaire
  • 300 hours-practical, advanced question and answer, case study and anatomy questionnaire

Failure to pass:
1st failure requires and additional 15 hours before retesting. Each additional failure, requires and additional 25 hours A retest fee in the amount of $150.00 will be charged for each additional retest.

Bridging course fees:
Full fee $5000
Payment Plan:
Deposit with Registration $1950
Payment due 2 weeks prior to the basic seminar $1,550
Payment due 2 weeks prior Intermediate seminar $1500


ALL payments made are NON REFUNDABLE.
Private lessons and exams are not included in the cost of tuition. All exams must be passed to achieve certification. Should the student require a retest there will be a charge of $150. If the final advanced test is not passed, up to 25 hours of apprenticeship shall be required before the exam is retaken.

NB: Private lessons are at a reduced rate of $75 per session or $700 for 10 sessions, duet or group sessions at a reduced rate of $50 per session or $450 for 10 sessions the APENZ Principal Instructor Trainer or certified Instructor.

Practical exams are at a cost of:  Basic $150, Intermediate $200, Advanced $250
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