Authentic Pilates Teacher Training Global Expansion

Authentic Pilates Education has expanded! We now have Pilates Teacher Training locations in Australia and Pilates Teacher Training in the United Kingdom!


Olga Tamara is the founder and Principal Trainer of Authentic Pilates Education teacher training program and the director of Authentic Pilates Studio in Sydney. Olga facilitates seminars in Authentic Pilates Education Teacher Training in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide,Australia. During the past 12 months Olga has conducted Pilates Teacher Training in Auckland, New Zealand and Pilates Teacher Training in London, UK.

Olga first experienced Pilates during her years as a professional classical dancer with the Australian Ballet Company from 1971 to 1976. After retiring from the ballet, Olga went on to be a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. However, it was when she experienced "classical Pilates" she really experienced the true essence of the method as developed by Joseph Pilates. Her direction going forward became very clear from then on.

For upcoming courses at Authentic Pilates Education, Australia,  please see our Australian Pilates Course Schedule.


Authentic Pilates Education United Kingdom (A.P.E.U.K.) Teacher Training

Is headed by Gaby Noblediscovered Pilates 15 years ago, when she met her then teacher, Stephanie Guimond.

After practicing Pilates for 9 years, Gaby enrolled in a teacher training course and became a certified Instructor with Power Pilates in 2011. Her goal was to help other people realize their abilities whether it be through overcoming back pain, helping with anxiety/depression or working with sports professionals to enhance their current training regime. Gaby's dream was realized when she opened her studio Exhale Pilates London.

In 2012 Gaby met Olga Tamara at a conference in London and became interested in the Authentic Pilates Education (A.P.E) teacher training program. She continued her training with A.P.E and travelled to Sydney Australia to work on the teacher training seminars before commencing the A.P.E.U.K course at her Exhale Pilates London studio.

“Anyone that knows true Pilates knows that to become a good teacher is a massive commitment from both student and teacher” says Gaby. “Our aim is to help our students reach their goals and guide them to become the best teachers in the business!".

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